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From The Editor’s Desk


My editorial this month is a round-up of several things.

First, you probably have noticed some changes this with this issue. The most obvious change is the new color cover. You will also notice that the images are now a bit sharper. We have also kept the articles together as much as possible. We will keep tweaking to make the Alaska Miner a magazine you look forward to each month.

Several months ago, Nixon Fork Mine laid off its workers. No doubt you have heard by now that Pebble Partnership has had layoffs. This should be no surprise to the mining community. When money becomes tight, one needs to reduce costs and two of the largest costs are people and outstanding contracts.

This is painful to all concerned…from those that have to lay off their people to those that are laid off. Please, if your company has any openings, please track down these people and offer them a position. They are trained, qualified, and ready to work. Remember, they are our business associates…our neighbors…and our friends.

Reason magazine pointed its readers to an interesting “propaganda” video prepared by the EPA. The three minute video is entitled: EPA Special Agents: Trained to Fight Environmental Crime.

These are the people that showed up in Chicken. Take a look. They want you to know that they are law enforcement. One of the agents said “we’re helping, you know, get the most egregious criminals off the street that are polluting our water and our air and the ground.”


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