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Pyramid Project Update

Bornite Exploration: How do you corral an Elephant with help from Down Under?

Palmer Project: The Evolution of a VMS District

Arctic Pre-feasibility Study: The Road to Reserves

Ore Control in Underground Gold Mining

UAV Mapping at Usibelli Coal Mine

An update of the Statewide basemap

3DEP LiDAR Project Example

3DEP National Geospatial Program | US Geological Survey Partnerships for Elevation Data

Development and Mines Operations

A New Path Forward | Responding to Stakeholder Input and Demonstrating Benefits for All Alaskans

Woodgrove Flotation at the Greens Creek Mine: Justification, Installation and Commissioning

History of the Fort Knox Mine & Fish Creek Valley

Installation and Utilization of Front Cameras to Optimize Flotation Performance

Exploration of Jualin Deposit at the Kensington Mine

Engineering Alaska Mines

Personal Areal Drones… A big help to the small placer miner.

Improving Selective Flotation of Fine Sulfide Minerals Using ProFlote Magnets

Autonomous Equipment & VOD at Greens Creek

Design and Construction of Tailings Back Dam Cut-off Wall at the Red Dog Mine, Alaska

Gaining Insight from: Data Mining