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Arctic Geology & Environment

Regional Stratigraphy of the Brookian Sequence: A Summary of Under-explored Petroleum Plays on the North Slope

Mineral Resources of Northern Alaska

Modernization of Alaska’s Geospatial Framework

Bedrock Potential for Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Alaska

Earthquake Challenges & Opportunities in Alaska

Climate Drivers of Alaska River Ice Breakup: Understanding the Past, Predicting the Future

Wetlands Management

Wetlands Ecology

CWA and WOTUS/Proposed Changes to the Definition of WOTUS

Regulating Wetlands in Alaska

Compensating for Wetland Impacts in Alaska

Arctic Resources

Innovative Remote Sensing and Modeling Techniques for Developing a Low-Temperature Geothermal Resource

Petroleum-Related Applied Research at DGGS: Promoting Oil and Gas Investment in Alaska

GIS-Based Identification of Areas that have Mineral Potential in Northern Alaska

Heavy Mineral Concentration in a Marine Sediment Transport Conduit, Bering Strait, Alaska

Recent Advances in Exploration Geochemistry: Application in Arctic Terrains

New Exploration Models for Hardrock Platinum Group Elements in Ural-Alaska Igneous Complexes

Pogo: Ten Years of Mining

Pogo: 2006-2016

Pogo Mine Environmental, Two Decades of Prospecting, Planning, Permitting, and Performance

A New Training Opportunity for Mill Operators: A University-Industry Partnership

Journey to SAFE Production

Pogo Trent Exploration: The Past, Present, Future

DGGS Improves Access to Sub-Regional and Regional Geophysical Data–Tintina Gold Belt Data Highlights

Arctic Permitting Challenges

Frozen Debris Lobes: Geohazards along the Dalton Highway

The Current Status of Mitigation Requirements and Implications for Mining Projects

Ambler Road Permitting Status

Two Subarctic Region Mine Reclamations: Giant Mine and Tundra Miner, Northwest Territories, Canada

Design, Construction, and Operational Challenges for Dams in Alaska

Creating Opportunities Through Public-Private Partnerships

Placer Mining

Placer Mining in Alaska: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Revegetation and Wildlife Standards for Upland and Floodplain Mine Reclamation

Turbidity Monitoring in Goldstream Creek, Alaska for Potential Total Maximum Daily Load Development

Introduction to Riparian Area Concepts and Stream-bank Restoration Techniques

Nome Offshore Dredging Overview

Heavy Minerals and Gold Potential at Ice Cape, Alaska

Arctic Engineering Innovations

Coastlines in Motion: High Resolution Digital Surface Models and Orthoimagery for Coastal Geohazard Mapping

Dalton Highway Aufies

Hydrokinetic Energy in Alaska

Resource Recovery in Mine Waste Effluent: A Means to Offset the Cost of Treatment. Case study: Copper Recovery Improves Water Quality of the Acidic Berkeley Pit Lake, Montana

Commercial UAS- Getting Off the Ground and What to Expect Once You’re There

Fort Knox- 20 Years and Counting

Fort Knox Update

Corporate Responsibility and the Benefit Footprint of Mining

Kinross Fort Knox Heath & Safety Systems

Fort Knox Mine Operation Technologies

Walter Creek Heap Leach at Fort Knox Gold Miner, Alaska

True North Mine Reclamation

Arctic Policy: Current & Future

Bureau of Land Management Land Use Planning Update

Update on Mining Tax Issues

Alaska’s Fiscal Choices

Future of Arctic Research

Sturgeon vs Frost Decision

State Arctic Policy

UAF Engineering and Geology Research

Qualifying Rare Earth Elements in Alaskan Coal

Mining Applications of Fodar

Unmanned Vehicles in Mine Rescue Operations and Training

Alaska’s New Field-Based Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Facility Supporting Mineral Exploration and Mapping

Accessory and Rock Forming Minerals Monitoring the Evolution of the Ni-Cu-PGE Ultramafic Alpha Complex in the Eastern Alaska Range

Metallogeny and Origins of Cu-Rich Prospects In and Near Nikolai Greenstone, Central Alaska

Alaska Project Updates

Update of Greens Creek Operations

Donlin Gold Project Update

Graphite Creek Project Update

Shorty Creek: A Promising New Porphyry Project

Chuitna Coal Project

Update on the Usibelli Coal Mine