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From the Editor’s Desk

On a recent trip I was pleasantly surprised to open my Alaska Airlines magazine and find a full-page ad for

the Red Dog Mine sponsored by NANA and Teck. This was gratifying for several reasons.


First. The ad points out that they have been “responsibly developing potential in Alaska for more

than 25 years.” This includes their people and their resources.

Second. I was reminded that this is the 25th anniversary of the Red Dog Mine. This is certainly

something to congratulate Nana and Teck about often.

Third. I was reminded once again that Alaska mining is becoming a sustainable industry that will support

workers with well paying jobs for more than one generation.


A perfect example of mining’s contribution is flying. Flying would definitely not be possible without products

from the extractive resource industries. From the metal used in the body of the aircraft, to the copper in

the wiring, to the special alloys used in the engines and the fuel used to power the engines down to the papers,

inks, and presses used to print the Alaska Airlines magazine.


These points are not something we think about every day, but we should. Despite our hassles with the EPA

and others, our modern society and our economic livelihoods, would not be possible without the products

mined and pumped from the earth, and so our endeavors are necessary and good.

So. This brings up the usual message at this point in my editorials. How is mining contributing to your life?

Take the opportunity to point out examples to your friends and neighbors…especially those that may be

against extracting resources from the earth. Today’s mining is not that seen in anti-mining ads, that use

pictures from problem mines of prior generations. Today is a new day. Modern mines are as clean and as

environmentally friendly as today’s technology allow. The picture of the Red Dog facilities, in the ad I am

looking at, certainly shows this.


I will now climb down from my soapbox for another month. Thanks Nana and Teck for helping to get the

message out. How will you help tell mining’s story?


I hope you enjoy these stories and the rest of the features in this issue. Talk to you next month.

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