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Producing Mines:

Fort Knox Mine
Alaska’s largest surface gold mine
Largest single property taxpayer in the
Fairbanks North Star Borough
Discovered in 1984, producing since 1996
548 employees in 2012

Greens Creek Mine
Silver, zinc, gold, and lead
Among the world’s top 10 silver producers
Largest Southeast Alaska for-profit employer,in terms of payroll
Discovered in 1975, producing from 1989 to 1993, and continuously since 1996
390 employees in 2012

Resumed full production in April 2012
Second largest private employer in
Southeast Alaska in terms of payroll
Largest payer of property tax in the City & Borough of Juneau
300 employees in 2012
90 jobs in 2012

Pogo Mine
Discovered in 1994, producing since 2006
220 full-time employees and 200
contractors in 2012
Paid more than $54 million in wages in 2012
Capital spending exceeded $19 million in 2012

Red Dog
Zinc, lead, and silver
One of the world’s largest zinc concentrate producers
Only taxpayer (payments in lieu of taxes) in the Northwest Arctic Borough
Discovered in 1968, producing since 1989
604 employees (including 137 contractors) in 2012

Usibelli Coal Mine
Alaska’s only operating coal mine, exporting half of its production in 2012
Fuels 40% of Interior Alaska’s electricity
Founded in 1943
124 employees in 2012

Advanced Exploration Projects:

Bokan Mountain
Rare earth elements
Drilling program started in 2007
Preliminary economic analysis released in late 2012
190 potential production jobs

Currently in the permitting process
300-350 potential production jobs

Donlin Gold
Discovered in 1988, continued exploration since 1995
Permitting process began in 2012
Up to 90% Calista shareholder hire at its camp operation
Up to 1,400 expected production jobs, depending on the production timeline

Placer mining began in 1914, lode deposit discovered in 2007
Feasibility Study complete in mid-2013
Approximately $200 million invested to date,
including $58 million in 2012
Estimated 500 potential production jobs

Copper, gold, silver, and zinc
Ongoing exploration for more than 25 years
$35 million invested since 2009
200 potential production jobs

Pebble Project
Copper, gold, and molybdenum
Discovered in 1987, ongoing exploration, engineering, and environmental studies since 2002
Work program of approximately $100 million for 2012
Over 130 local hires in 2011 and 44 individual scholarships to region residents in 2012
Approximately 1,000 potential production jobs

Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects
Gold, silver, copper, and zinc
Intermittent exploration from 1965 to 1998, renewed efforts starting in 2003
Preliminary economic assessment released in 2011; pre-feasibility study now underway
Average of 84 employees in 2012

Wishbone Hill
First mined in 1916
Project feasibility study completed
in November 2011
75-125 potential production jobs

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