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AMA Journal January 2014

From The Editor’s Desk Do you want to help make a difference in themining industry this year? Here are two ideas.I’m sure that most of our readers are applyingfor an Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Haveyou heard of the Pick.Click.Give. program?This program allows Alaskans to share theirDividend with causes they care about. One ofthose causes is

AMA Journal December 2013

From The Editor’s Desk I hope you were able to attend the recently completed Alaska Miners Association convention. I look forward to each convention, as it is a time to see friends again, to learn new things, and to hear the latest goings on in the industry.  Once again, we owe a great debt to

The Alaska Miner | October-November

From The Editor’s Desk   My editorial this month is a round-up of several things. First, you probably have noticed some changes this with this issue. The most obvious change is the new color cover. You will also notice that the images are now a bit sharper. We have also kept the articles together as