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February 2015 Journal

Safety first Safety First. Mining Done Right. Every person going home safe and healthy every day. See it, own it, solve it. Every day, every shift, home safe. If you were to visit any of Alaska’s large mining operations, you’d see one of these slogans posted frequently throughout each building on site. Of course, that

January 2015 Journal

New Year, New Challenges   It’s the time of year where Alaska Airlines loves us most, Juneau hotels get to manage waitlists, and 60 individuals get 90 days to drive the direction of the state. The 29th Alaska Legislative session is in full swing. AMA has been very active in Juneau, and this year is

December 2014 Journal

Better than you found it This month’s Alaska Miner journal theme is “Reclamation,” a topic that AMA is proud to discuss, and in my case, brag about.  My first few months on the job as Executive Director took me to Las Vegas for the International Mine Expo, where I was so thrilled to see one

Mining Workforce Development Plan

Executive Summary Mining permeates the history and popular image of Alaska in a way that no other industry matches. Placer gold exploration and mining began with the Russians in the early 1800s. After acquisition by the United States, exploration and mining continued and gradually increased for both hard rock and placer minerals. Employment in the mining industry peaked in 1916 at

November Journal

From the Editors Desk: You might have noticed that this issue of the Alaska Miner does not look quite the same as usual. We have turned the entire editorial content of this issue over to the staff at Alaska Resource Education (ARE). You probably have a general idea of what ARE is. They are the group that sells raffle

October 2014 Journal

From the Editors Desk: Wow! It’s been quite a year of accolades for Roger Burggraf…who deserves each of them for his contributions to AMA and his community. His latest recognition was being named the 2014 William A. Egan Outstanding Alaskan of the Year by the Alaska Chamber of Commerce. Amanda Voshell features Roger in her Faces of Mining column this

September 2014 Journal

The Economic Impacts of Placer Mining in Alaska I have known, well before I arrived at AMA, that the heart and soul of Alaska’s mining industry lies with the placer miners. These operations, with so few workers accomplishing such great things, have exceeded expectations in Alaska for over one hundred years, and today, make up

August 2014 Journal

Watching Mount Polley Executive Director Column by Deantha Crockett, AMA On August 4, a tailings dam at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia, Canada, breached, spilling water and sediment into streams in the area. This is a very serious incident that requires an investigation, one that has been ordered by the British Columbia government.