2017 Fall Convention Presentations

2017 Fall Convention Presentations

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Geoscience Investigations


A GIS-Based Assessment of Gold Mineralization Potential in Alaska, George N. D. Case, and others, US Geological Survey


Integration of USGS Mineral Potential Data into the BLM Resource Management Process, John Hoppe, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska State Office


Geologic Mapping in the Richardson-Uncle Sam Area, Interior Alaska, Evan Twelker, Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, Fairbanks


The Dolphin Deposit, Faribanks: Yet Another Variation on the ‘Fort Knox-Type’ Theme, Luke Raymond, Department of Geoscience, University of Alaska Fairbanks


A Preliminary Survey of Base Metal ± Gold-Bearing Hydrothermal Systems in the Eastern Yukon-Tanana Uplands: Their Relationship to the Magmatic and Tectonic Evolution of the Upland and Links to the Dawson Range, Yukon,Douglas C. Kreiner and others,US Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, Alaska

Updates from Regulatory Agencies


Update from BLM Mining Group, James Whitlock, BLM Mining Compliance and Enforcement Coordinator 


Federal Mining Claim Inventory,  Melody Smyth, Bureau of Land Management – Alaska State Office 


Corps 404 Regulatory Program Update, Ryan Winn, Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Division 


Mining Rights Update, Mitch Henning, Alaska Department of Natural Resources


Exploration Project Highlights


State of the State Address: Alaska Exploration, Curt Freeman, Avalon Development Corp.


Luna-Quicksilver Prospect – A New High-Grade Intrusion-Related Gold Target in Southwest Alaska, Allan Kelly, Riversgold Ltd


Gold Mineralization and Alkaline Intrusive Rocks at the Hogatza Mining Camp, Alaska – Connection or Coincidence?”, Dave Adams,Spectrum Resources Inc.


The Discovery of Deep High Grade Primary Copper Mineralization Beneath the East Lobe Porphyry, Round Top Copper Deposit, Illinois Creek District, Alaska, Kit Marrs, Western Alaska Copper and Gold 


A Multi-Disciplinary Mineral Systems Approach to Regional Targeting: Identifying Hidden Potential at Kenorland Minerals’ Tanacross Project, Francis MacDonald, Kenorland Minerals


It’s All About the Dirt –  Icy Cape Gold and Industrial Heavy Minerals Project Update, Karsten Eden, Trust Land Office



The Treasure Creek Partnership:  A Fairbanks Mining District Gold Property, James Barker, Treasure Creek Partnership

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Engineering Alaska Mines


Personal Areal Drones, A big Help to the Small Placer Miner, Randy Powelson, Valdez Creek Mining Co. LLC


Improving Selective Flotation of Fine Sulfide Minerals Using ProFlote Magnets, Matthew Hercun, Red Dog Operations – Teck Alaska, Inc


Autonomous Equipment and Ventilation on Demand at Greens Creek,Mitchell Ammann, Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company


Design and Construction of Tailings Back Dam Cut-off Wall at the Red Dog Mine, Alaska, Steve L. Anderson, PE, Golder Associates Inc


Data Mining at a Large Copper Mine to Determine Mine-Mill Relationship, Rajive Ganguli, PhD, PE, Mineral Industry Research Laboratory, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Investment Opportunities in Alaska’s Hardrock Minerals


Alaska’s Hardrock Resource Prospects, Curt Freeman, Avalon Development


Mining Metrics: Alaska vs. other Jurisdictions, Dan Colton, Dorsey & Whitney LLP


Development/Investment from the Front Lines, Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, Trilogy Metals


Mineral Rights on Native Lands/ANILCA, Joan Travostino, Dorsey & Whitney LLP


Development on Native Lands, Rosie Barr, Calista Corporation


Federal Lands and Development, Steve Wackowski, U.S. Department of the Interior


How Alaska Should Sell Its Hardrock Resources, Doug Silver, Orion


Alaska Advanced Exploration Projects

Update on the Pyramid Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo Deposit, Tom Ullrich, CopperBank Resources


Bornite Exploration:  How Do You Corral an Elephant With Help From Down Under?,Andy West and others, Trilogy Metals Inc


New Discovery at the Palmer Copper-Zinc-Silver-Gold VMS Project, Southeast Alaska, Darwin Green, Constantine Metal Resources


Arctic Pre-feasibility:  The Road to Reserves, Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse and others, Trilogy Metals Inc.


Ore Control in Underground Gold Mining, Tara Hutchinson, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Data Innovations in the Mining Industry

Innovative Use of Data-Mining Techniques in Detection of Sensor Calibration Errors at Pogo Mine, Alaska, R. Pothian and R. Ganguli, Department of Mining & Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks


UAV Mapping at Usibelli Coal Mine:  Faster, Better, Cheaper . . . Pick 3, Alex Legrismith, Usibelli Coal Mine


Mapping Alaska: Updates to Statewide Basemaps, Anne Johnson and Carrie Marvel, Alaska Department of Natural Resources


Partnerships for Enhanced Elevation Data, Brian Wright and Adam McCullough, US Geological Survey and Quantum Spatial


Building Digital Infrastructure for Alaska’s Mineral Industry:  A Conversation on Public–Private Resource Leveraging, Jennifer Athey, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys


3DEP LiDAR Project Example, Adam McCullough, Quantam Spatial


Development and Mines Operations

Pebble: A New Path Forward, Tom Collier, Pebble Limited Partnership


Woodgrove Flotation at the Greens Creek Mine: Justification, Installation and Commissioning, Corey Foxworth, Hecla Greens Creek Mine


History of the Fort Knox Mine & Fish Creek Valley, Mark Huffington, Kinross Fort Knox


Installation and Utilization of Froth Cameras to Optimize Flotation Performance, Allyson Stoll, Red Dog Operations – Teck Alaska, Inc.


Kensington Property: Exploration of the Jualin Deposit, Issac Oduro and others, Coeur Alaska – Kensington Mine